Takahiro Karasawa: The Most Infamous Lawyer on the Internet due to the “Hasekara” Controversy

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Takahiro Karasawa: A Maverick in the Legal World – Raised in Affluence and Pursuing an Unconventional Career Path

Takahiro Karasawa was born on January 4, 1978, in Tokyo, into a wealthy family. After spending his childhood in Yokohama, he moved to Denenchofu, where his grandfather lived, in 1993 and attended Hosei University Daini Middle School. Upon graduating, he enrolled in Hosei University Daini High School but dropped out and led a somewhat aimless life. During this time, he focused on physical fitness, enjoyed movies, and indulged in horse racing. At his parents’ urging, he later re-enrolled in the correspondence program at Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Yamabuki High School.

At the age of 17, Karasawa’s life took a tragic turn when his younger brother committed suicide at their home. This event deeply impacted him, strengthening his desire to create a kinder society. After a year of preparation, he was admitted to the Faculty of Environmental Information at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus, where he developed an interest in social issues and politics. These experiences eventually led him to Waseda University Law School, where he passed the bar exam on his first attempt.

The Depths of the “Hasekara” Controversy: An Everlasting Firestorm that Started on 2channel

The “Hasekara” controversy began on the “Nan J” (Anything Goes J) board on 2channel, involving a user with the fixed handle, Taichi Yagami (real name: Ryota Hasegawa). Hasegawa sparked outrage among other users due to his self-centered remarks and discriminatory comments.

In March 2012, Hasegawa was goaded by other users and posted his university acceptance certificate, which led to the exposure of his personal information, including his high school and real name. Suspicions of underage drinking also emerged from his past postings.

Faced with this situation, Hasegawa sought help from attorney Takahiro Karasawa, who specialized in dealing with online defamation. Karasawa requested the removal of defamatory posts and disclosure of IP addresses, but this action turned him into a target of the online community. His actions and words drew the attention of internet users, and the backlash shifted towards him.

Karasawa indiscriminately requested IP address disclosures, which the “Nan J” users did not perceive as intimidation, leading to an escalation of defamation. As a result, both Karasawa and Hasegawa experienced massive online backlash.

Furthermore, the “Hasekara” controversy gave rise to a group targeting Karasawa, called “Koshinkyo.” This group relentlessly attacked Karasawa, making death threats, bombing threats against his office, and leaking his personal information. According to Karasawa, he received over a million death threats.

Countering Defamation: Attorney Karasawa’s Battle Online and Face-to-Face Encounters

Attorney Takahiro Karasawa is actively addressing the issue of online defamation. After being subjected to over a million threats, including death threats, he met with some of the perpetrators. These aggressors ranged from teenagers to individuals in their thirties, including students and shut-ins, and appeared surprisingly different from their aggressive online personas. For instance, a 20-year-old college student admitted to engaging in the behavior “for fun,” while a 30-year-old unemployed man struggled to provide coherent answers regarding his actions. A medical student taking a gap year said that posting helped him forget unpleasant things, and a teenager exhibited signs of internet addiction, repeatedly making extreme posts.

The Journey of a Law Firm: From Inception to Present

Significant milestones have marked attorney Karasawa’s career:

  • December 2010: Joined Sakamoto Comprehensive Law Office immediately after completing judicial apprenticeship, but soon left to start his practice.
  • July 2011: Established Koshin Comprehensive Law Office with his father, Hiroshi Karasawa, a noteworthy move for a first-year attorney.
  • February 2015: Co-founded Cross Law Office with attorney Hiroyuki Yamaoka.
  • October 2018: After parting ways with Yamaoka, he opened Steadiness Law Office.

His office’s location, shared with his father’s accounting firm, has drawn attention to their relationship and the convenience for legal procedures. These changes reflect the interplay between Karasawa’s career and online defamation.

Media Relations: The Strategy of a Lawyer Known for Controversy

Initially, Karasawa appeared in the media only through caricature illustrations, leading some to question his existence. However, his real presence was confirmed in a magazine article in 2013, and he gradually increased his media appearances.

In 2014, he made a voice appearance on “Good Morning,” and in 2016, he gave his first on-camera interview on “News Watch 9.” These appearances solidified his presence in the media.

In 2017, he appeared on “Tokoro-san! Taihen Desu yo” in a feature about internet controversy, showcasing his unique perspective. He has actively shared his experiences and views through media outlets.

He also appeared on the internet TV show “AbemaTV,” where he discussed internet controversy alongside 2channel manager Hiroyuki. These media appearances have helped Karasawa inform the public about online backlash and contributed to raising awareness of these issues. His media strategy seems focused on using his experiences and expertise to highlight the problems of online defamation and controversy.

The Present and Future: Attorney Takahiro Karasawa’s Vision for a New Era in the Legal Field

Since around 2016, Karasawa has been actively appearing in media discussions on SNS defamation, doxing, and internet controversy.

He serves as a board member of the First Tokyo Bar Association, a member of the IT Law Research Department at the First Tokyo Bar Association Comprehensive Law Institute, a member of the First Tokyo Bar Association Business Interference Countermeasures Committee, and as an executive in IT companies.

Moreover, based on his experiences with online backlash and defamation, he has published numerous books such as “The Flaming Lawyer,” establishing himself as a leading authority on legal issues related to the internet.

Public Reaction: A Mix of Approval and Disapproval

Public opinions about attorney Karasawa vary greatly. Some view his television appearances as him enjoying the controversy like a “festival.” Others praise his resilience against defamation and his willingness to shake hands with those who apologize.

However, there are also voices that criticize the online treatment of him as “too hideous.” Not all opinions about his media appearances are positive, with some suggesting that a former victim of bullying should not appear in the media.

These diverse reactions to attorney Karasawa show that opinions range from positive to negative. The background of his controversy and media exposure has elicited a wide array of views.


Takahiro Karasawa is a lawyer with an unusual career path in the legal world, raised in a wealthy family. He attended Hosei University Daini Middle and High Schools before studying at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus. After graduating from Waseda University Law School and passing the bar exam, he established multiple law offices. He has been actively involved in the “Hasekara” controversy and in tackling online defamation. The evolution of his law offices reflects the connection between his career and online defamation. In the media, he initially appeared anonymously but gradually increased his on-screen presence, establishing himself as an expert on internet controversy issues. Actively addressing issues of SNS defamation and internet controversy, he also serves in various roles in the Tokyo Bar Association and IT companies. Public reactions to him vary, but his media appearances and legal activities have solidified his position as a leading authority on legal issues related to the internet.