Akihabara Station’s Shocking Incident: The Full Account of the Yamanote Line Stabbing on January 3, 2024

  • 2024年1月7日
  • 2024年1月7日
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This article has been updated with the latest information as of January 7, 2024.

Incident Overview: Stabbing at Akihabara Station on January 3, 2024

Around 11 PM on January 3, 2024, a report was received about a woman wielding a knife inside a Yamanote Line train at Tokyo’s JR Akihabara Station. At least four men were injured in the incident and transported to the hospital. Reports indicate that the victims suffered stab wounds to the abdomen, back, and arms but remained conscious.

The perpetrator, described as a young woman, was subdued by passengers at the scene and subsequently arrested by the police. The incident temporarily suspended the Yamanote Line’s outer loop services. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police are securing the suspect and investigating the detailed circumstances of the incident.

Damage Report: Sudden Assault Inside the Train, Four Injured

At least four individuals were injured in the Akihabara Station incident. All victims were attacked with a knife inside the train and subsequently hospitalized. Two of the victims, men stabbed in the back and chest, are reported to be in stable condition. TBS News suggests that there might be five victims, with three having been stabbed.

Arrest of the Suspect: Apprehension of a Female Suspect, Possession of a Knife

The female suspect was apprehended by passengers on-site and then arrested by the police on suspicion of attempted murder. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police confiscated a knife from the scene, and the suspect, a woman in her twenties, has reportedly confessed to the crime. The detailed motives and circumstances are still under investigation by the police.

Eyewitness Accounts: Shock and Fear

Eyewitnesses at Akihabara Station have shared their experiences. A man in his thirties inside the Yamanote Line train reported other passengers yelling “danger” and running, followed by the woman being subdued. A man in his forties using the station witnessed two presumed victims sitting on the platform, receiving treatment from police and paramedics.

A man in his twenties, aware of the train delay, expressed shock and fear upon learning about the stabbing.

Post-Incident Akihabara Station: Safety Measures and Public Reaction

A local resident in his thirties recalls a past random attack, expressing shock and fear over the recent incident. This reaction reflects a heightened sense of anxiety in the community, tied to memories of past events.

[Update] Eyewitness Testimonies: Terror at the Unusual Behavior

Eyewitnesses describe the suspect as a woman in a long coat, with long hair covering her face, and wearing sandals on bare feet. They expressed terror at her odd appearance. The suspect was surrounded by police officers and arrested without resistance.

[Update] Victims’ Condition: Four Male Victims

The incident resulted in four male victims, three of whom suffered severe injuries to the chest and back and were hospitalized but conscious. A 24-year-old male victim reported feeling a blow to his right chest while sitting in the train and seeing a knife fall to the floor.

[Update] Suspect Profile and Motive: Desire to Kill

The suspect, a woman in her twenties, was wearing a white coat during the unplanned, random attack. She confessed to the police, “I wanted to kill someone,” and mentioned suffering from childhood abuse and not knowing “human kindness.”

Arrest Details

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested the suspect at Akihabara Station on suspicion of attempted murder, following her indiscriminate attack on passengers in the train. The suspect admitted to the allegations at the time of her arrest.


The blog post summarizes the stabbing incident at Akihabara Station, Tokyo, on January 3, 2024. At around 11 PM, a woman wielding a knife injured at least four men in a Yamanote Line train. All victims were conscious and hospitalized. The young female suspect was subdued by passengers and arrested by the police, causing a temporary suspension of the Yamanote Line service.

Eyewitness accounts describe the woman as wearing a long coat, hiding her face with long hair, and wearing sandals on bare feet. The victims, all men, suffered stab wounds to the chest and back. A 24-year-old male victim felt a blow to his chest and saw a knife fall near his feet.

The suspect, in her twenties, confessed to wanting to kill and discussed her past abuse and lack of experience with kindness. The police arrested her for attempted murder. This incident has heightened community anxiety and shocked many citizens.